Our Victorian-era house was built circa 1898 as the private residence of Clayton Brick, son of Henry Brick, one of historic Marlton Village’s most prosperous citizens. Clayton inherited from his father two merchandise stores, a cranberry bog, a piggery (we always suspected food was involved!), and several other local properties.

Today, The Marlton Tavern proudly still stands on Evesham’s original Main Street, once known as the Great Road or Manahawkin Trail as far back as the late 1700s!

street-view-smallWhile he lived, Clayton Brick was a benefactor to other Marlton residents. We think he still enjoys the house and an occasional glass of water late at night. Sometimes, the sinks turn on in the wee hours when friendly spirits are known to roam.

Since 1999 (or is it 1998?), the Lavdas family has lovingly restored this high-style, Queen Anne Victorian dwelling and transformed it into a warm, inviting destination for many occasions. George Lavdas, our head chef, found the house through the local restaurant grapevine and was determined to save it from disrepair. Our menu reflects old-world recipes

George Lavdas
George Lavdas

from the family’s native Greece, updated for current tastes with the freshest produce, meats and seafood available. George has an innate ability to make something taste good and puts his whole being into how he combines ingredients and seasonings. Our recipes aren’t written down, because we don’t follow recipes – we live to make the food the way we would enjoy it at home.

With its distinctively simple food, friendly, attentive customer service and comfortable surroundings that make you feel at home, The Marlton Tavern awaits your next visit. Because, who’s better than you.